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Live your Freedohm...

Be in the Moment with Freedohm Yoga

Improve your life by immersing yourself into a Yoga practice all your own. Freedohm Yoga hopes to guide you into a practice that will help you find better balance, posture, strength and peace of mind. This yoga incorporates Asana, Meditation, Pranayama and Chanting. Freedohm Yoga is rooted in the 8 limb path of yoga and will include this yoga philosophy in all our classes.

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Private Lessons

Yoga at your doorstep

Freedohm Yoga creates customized Private Lessons for all students. Lessons are carved out to fit any level of experience. They are created to fit your needs, and wants. The goal of Freedohm Yoga is to help guide you find the practice you are searching for. Contact us for a consultation.


Private Lessons are also available for meditation classes. This is a great option for beginners or for someone who wants to go deeper into their meditation practice. In the warmer months, outdoor moving meditation walks are also available.

Yoga in Your Facility


Do you own a Bnb, Inn or Center that has a large open space? Either indoor or outdoor? Are you interested in having Yoga in your Facility? Contact us. Freedohm Yoga teaches in many locations across Sullivan County (and beyond). We are always looking to expand our class schedule.

Where can you find Freedohm Yoga?

The Glen Wilde Bungalows
The Artisans Market 
Bashakil Vineyards
Bethel Woods Center of the Arts
The Debruce

The Barn in Smallwood
The Barn in Calicoon - Paradise in the Catskills
The Tadasana House
The Arnold House
More coming soon! Contact us to get your name on this list...

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