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The 8 Limb Path: Asteya

The past few posts we have been dedicated to discussing the basics of Yoga, talking about Ashtanga, The 8 limb Path and the Yamas. We are continuing on our journey through the Yamas. We previously discussed Ahimsa, non-violence and Satya, truthfulness. This week we discuss Asteya, non-stealing.

While this Yama may seem intuitive , don't steal. It goes a little deeper than the surface idea of not stealing others possessions. The idea of Asteya, not stealing your own light. That sounds a little funky right? But its simple, be true to yourself. Don't steal someone else's truth trying to find yours.

You may see another person in a Yoga class who may be further along in their asana practice, learning to not look at their postures in longing. Not stealing their practice. But rather turning the focus on being grateful to your body and mind to be where you are. That way you are being try to yourself and your practice. This is a way to practice Asteya. Learning to be our authentic selves, not trying to be anyone else. Not trying to fit into anyones box. Always following your heart and intuition.

Asteya can also be applied when thinking of greed. Not taking more than you need, this can go for food, clothing or any other material objects. Not having too much because you could be taking from someone else. Minimalism in practice. And this fades into next weeks post, focusing on the next Yama, Brahmacharya, non-excess and closeness with the divine light inside all of us.

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