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The 8 Limb Path: Satya

Last week we began the journey traveling through The 8 Limb Path of Yoga. We started by discussing the Yamas, guidelines to live a mindful life. The first of the Yamas was Ahimsa, non-violence or non-harm. This week we discuss Satya, truth.

The idea of Satya seems very simple, tell the truth. But why is it so hard to live Satya? We all find ourselves telling little lies, maybe even just to protect someone. Maybe we don't live our truth, trying to fit into whatever box society has stuck us in. But finding this truth can help us live with greater inner peace.

Learning to tell the truth as out automatic response takes a lot of maturity. As that often means owning our mistakes and flaws. It also means living our truth. Being the unapologetic, authentic version of the self.

Learning to tell the truth also takes tact. As we know Ahimsa is also one of the 8 limbs, so we must tell the truth to others in a way that it is not hurtful. Choosing our words wisely and finding better ways to say hard things. Keeping aggression out of the conversation.

How freeing it must feel to live your truth? With no secrets, or lies it is easier to find our way to greater peace and enlightenment. It also means gaining inner strength. As it always takes courage and strength to live the truth and to tell it. The sages say, when we lie we disconnect from our higher self, making it harder to trust ourselves. Being able to feel comfortable in our own mind and body is an important part of living happily.

Some Yoga poses to open the throat Chakra, the chakra of communication:

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